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ARTiculate your journey this Black History Month

Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work with our Arts and Culture steering group members thinking about the importance of Black History Month in the UK and in particular our locality of Barking and Dagenham. All having lived in the area for over 10 years, in reflecting on their own experiences of being Black in Britain wanted to create an event that would have others thinking about their own journeys to understanding their identity.

A successful application to the LBBD’s Equality & Diversity Community fund meant £500 being provided to plan a local event and the start of their own journey working together as residents. ‘ARTiculate the Journey’ is a free (donations are welcome) interactive and social painting event exploring the theme of ‘Journey’ this Black History Month, with food and refreshments provided. All funds raised will be reinvested into future arts events in Thames Ward. The event will showcase the talents of DJ @TheKingsDecree, Poet @Swvrthy and Artist @Oreyeni_Arts, supported by @ThamesWardCP. We will vibe to music, get inspired with some spoken word, and have some fun painting and discussing the journey taken by Black people throughout history.

There are many ways to express how we really feel, and that is the beauty of art. That's why this event allows us to ARTiculate our journey whilst exploring Black History through creative art forms of expression. We want to provide a space to express experiences creatively and to open up discussions around how the community truly feels.

Thames View Activation Group


Who are they?

An innovative approach to health services is being led by the Thames View Activation Group (TVAG) in the Thames Ward area. Initially convened by local partners LBBD, and the NHS – this new group started with a lot of health officers in the virtual room but has increasingly involved agenda items led by local residents and is chaired by Lai Ogunsola, local Thames View resident and TWCP trustee.  

What do they hope to achieve?

The TVAG aims to establish an approach to health services led and shaped by local people and groups  – this ‘new model of care’ evolved from the Healthy New Towns Agenda, which BRL led on in its final year and one of the aims is to ensure Thames View has as much profile as possible, given much recent focus has been on the Riverside development.  

What's on now?

Recently, a discussion about the vision for the area and the principles that need to drive work has been started and a series of ever larger plans and activities are in the works.  If you are interested please fill in the form below.

How To Get Involved

If you would like more information about the Thames View Activation Group, please complete the form below.

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