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Inside TWCP: Pierre’s Story

My name is Pierre Epoh Moudio and I am a British Citizen but I am originally from Cameroon. I moved to the ward in 2014, and am a resident steering group member of Thames Ward Community Project (TWCP). I work as a Senior ESOL Lecturer at Barking and Dagenham College and have more than 16 years’ experience working with immigrants who need to improve their English in order to improve the quality of their lives, to get into employment and fully integrate in the new country they live in.

Why ESOL (English for Speakers of Other languages)? Teaching ESOL has always been my childhood dream and I am passionate about languages. English is actually my third language. When I arrived in the UK, I struggled to find work, make new friends in a new country and I didn’t know how things operated in the UK work environment. It was frustrating and I felt depressed. I went from one setback to another and wanted to give up. Later, I was asked to retrain and get a new qualification to meet UK standards but after doing so I got no positive reply from employers because I had no UK work experience. Luckily through voluntary work, I gained the necessary experience, made new friends, widened my network, got support from various people and organisations and successfully got my first permanent job as an ESOL Lecturer.

To give back to the community that did so much for me, I decided to set up a project that would help immigrants to work on their language and employability skills, get some work experience that will enable them whilst looking for work to compete on equal footing with the locals and make a positive contribution to their community. TWCP played a key role in the setting up of the ESOL for Parents project as I spoke to several organisations about my idea but none of them thought it was a good idea but TWCP did. They provided me with all the support I needed from applying for funding, monthly one to one check in meetings, to all the logistics. Thanks a million and this could not have happened without you. To date I have run several successful projects that have impacted not only the local residents but also residents from other boroughs. We also won two awards one from the Rotary International- Stratford branch and the other from Barking and Dagenham Faith Forum. The award was for improving access to services.

Most of the people I work with are frustrated, lack confidence and are hopeless because they have lots of skills that could benefit the UK but are not used due to poor guidance and support. My plan for the future is to work closely with local employers and get them to offer support by offering work placements to my students which will give them that vital UK work experience needed by most employers and in return boost their confidence and enable them to aim higher.

Pierre Epoh Moudio 

Adult College of Barking & Dagenham grant funding for new ESOL for Parents Programme

After successful completion of his 12-week programme funded by the L&Q Foundation‘s Place Makers Fund, in which 25 students attended weekly, Pierre Epoh Moudio has been granted £2.5K funding for another ESOL for Parents Programme starting 5th June 2021 from the Adult College of Barking & Dagenham!

Thank you teacher! Thank you for all that you are doing for us with your words and because you show that I am reaching my goals of learning English. Thank you so much for getting me out of my dark hole.

The new programme

The programme will start on Saturday 5 June 2021 and will end on Saturday 7 August 2021. The lessons will be 2.5 hours once a week over 10 weeks. 

It will be delivered online via Zoom and support will be provided for those who have never used the Zoom meeting platform. All the students will have access to all the resources that will come in different forms i.e audio and pdf files. The programme boasts a variety of methods for learning including discussions, presentations, use of interactive materials, video, and student led projects. 

Students also have a major role to play in the choice of topics covered in the lessons and it will be based on their immediate needs. 

The programme is aimed at parents and carers who are frequently excluded from mainstream ESOL courses due to entrenched inequality and complex needs. The level of the students that the programme is aimed at is elementary.

How To Get Involved

Register via Eventbrite: ESOL for Parents Programme Tickets, Sat 5 Jun 2021 at 09:30 | Eventbrite

Or please complete the form below.

L&Q Awards £5525 Grant For 12-week ESOL Programme

Following on from last months’ story, resident Steering Group Member, Pierre Epoh Moudio has made a successful bid for funding, being awarded £5525 from the L&Q Foundation‘s Place Makers Fund for the upcoming 12-week ESOL programme.

The programme will equip the participants with the language and skills that they need to change their lives, and their communities for the better!

The Upcoming Programme

Start date:          27 February  2021      End date: 15 May 2021

Class and time:   ESOL Beg/ESOL E1:   09:00am – 11.00am      

                               ESOL E2/ESOL E3:     11:00am -1:00pm

Day:  Saturday

Delivery mode:  Online via Zoom

How many places are available:


Places are reserved on a first come basis.

I'm really happy I’m learning English with Pierre, he is an amazing teacher, is very good at explaining, and I have learned a lot from him. I hope to go back to his classes. 10/10!

How To Get Involved

If you would like more information about the free ESOL programme, employability programme, and mentoring scheme, please complete the form below.

Another successful ESOL Programme completed in December 2020

The Programme

The 13-week programme was funded by Barking & Dagenham Renew and was run by resident steering group member Pierre Epoh Moudio. It covered English language and employability skills and was delivered online (via Zoom) due to the pandemic.  

In total eight students joined the programme, with over 50% having been recommended to the programme by satisfied students. The programme receives students from a variety of backgrounds, including Romania, Albania, France, Bangladesh, Georgia Bulgaria and Italy. Most of them are residents in the Thames Ward area and a few are from Dagenham.

The programme was well attended every Saturday and the achievement by the students was also excellent. By the end of the programme, all the students completed key daily tasks that they could not do at the beginning such as filling in an application form for work, registering with a doctor, talking about their skills and qualities, and having a short phone conversation. The feedback received from the students has been incredibly positive!

I like this class. I learned English in this class with a great teacher and good classmates. I recommend this course for everyone because if you do not know English you WILL learn it by the end of the course!

The Impact

Initially a 10-week programme, it was expanded into a 13-week programme due to increased demand, and has been curated to the students’ needs. Despite the lockdown, the programme has played an important and positive part in their lives, enabling them to learn new skills in the comfort of their homes, make new friends, and meet people on a weekly basis especially for those who live alone.

I thought It was vital to continue the programme during lockdown because I know from my personal experience what affect isolation and loneliness can have on our health.

However, it was not without its challenges. Most of the students found it difficult to use the online video conferencing app Zoom at the start of the course, so a session was dedicated to instructing students on how to use it. Pierre further assisted some students by helping them install the app on their devices (while socially distanced), showing the varied types of support Pierre has needed to provide.

Pierre’s passion for supporting students has translated into tangible change for many of them. Recently, a student Pierre was supporting through his mentoring scheme was offered a job as a care assistant volunteer in a local hospital. He notes that her self-esteem and confidence have grown immensely and she is now able to set even bigger goals than she first considered.

I'm really happy I’m learning English with Pierre, he is an amazing teacher, is very good at explaining, and I have learned a lot from him. I hope to go back to his classes. 10/10!

The Future

The vision for the future is to continue the ESOL and employability programmes and also start a mentoring programme that supports students to achieve their full potential and improve the quality of their lives.

Additionally, there are plans for the ESOL class to be divided into two classes to cater for different levels: one for elementary students and another one for intermediate students.

Pierre hopes to provide further sessions to meet the demands of his students once additional funding has been secured.

I would like you to continue to teach us in the same way and to pay attention to us in the same way. Thank you for everything and I hope you will continue to teach us with the same energy and desire. Thank you very much.

How To Get Involved

If you would like more information about the free ESOL programme, employability programme, and mentoring scheme, please complete the form below.

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