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Meet our NEW Community Development Administrative Officer!

I came across Thames Ward Community Project through a summer programme for children. I took my younger brothers to a cooking session at the Sue Bramley Centre where I met Rahela – the Health Outreach Officer who shared her vision with me and filled me in on all the amazing future projects. I was immediately interested and exchanged contact details with Rahela to find out more information and next steps on how to get involved in resident led projects. Soon after, I was invited to the first Healthy Thames Working Group meeting, which was an event dedicated to residents and partners interested in improving and developing opportunities around health in the local area. We discussed ideas and looked at ways to support future projects.    

I was considering volunteering as a wellbeing navigator after attending the meeting, but I then heard of the community administrative vacancy and decided to apply for this role as I’ve had previous experience working as a personal assistant and had completed an apprenticeship with Westminster City Council when I was younger. I knew this was going to be a great way to understand how community projects operate, support the team, and become more familiar in this area of work.  

I become interested in this role for various reasons, the main one being wanting to be part of an organisation with a strong focus on improving the health and wellbeing of local communities. My desire to work for a charity originates from my background in Nutrition and Health where I’ve had the opportunity to connect with various individuals and understand their needs, goals, and occasional barriers when trying to create positive health changes. I am particularly keen in supporting individuals through any type of health-related activities and feel most content when I can make a positive impact on others.  

As a local resident in Barking & Dagenham, I feel proud to be working for the Thames Ward Community Project where I can add value to my community and be part of a very rewarding cause. I’m excited to see the future changes and growth in the borough and within the organization. 

Nia Lopez

Community Development Administrative Officer

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