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Healthy Thames Working Group: Shaping Delivery

What if you could get healthy in your local area with a neighbour? Someone trained and qualified, knowledgeable about Thames ward, and more importantly a familiar face.

The first meeting of the Healthy Thames Working Group took place recently, to get people who live and work in the area to meet and workshop ideas. This was to think about how to get local people delivering on health services and being a part of decision making. It might sound like a lot in one meeting, but this is just the start of an initiative that Barking Riverside, LBBD and the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group have teamed up on with TWCP. The idea is to change the way people receive support in health and wellbeing, putting local resident’s ideas and efforts at the heart of it, to try and re-design a service with residents of Thames Ward.

People met at The Sue Bramley Centre on Friday 17th September and shared ideas around ‘What could delivery look like?’, ‘What’s needed to make this happen?’ and ‘How will you know progress is being made?’ This was to get people thinking outside of the box about how we get help from GPs, local services and organisations, so that there are more options of support for residents. There were great ideas that came out of the discussion. There was the idea of a time bank so people could help each other by offering their skills to support neighbours. There was talk of a small fund that paid for venue hire, or equipment that could be booked and shared, or professional coaches to come to the area to run sessions. We also heard from people about the gaps in knowledge, for example, some attendees asked for training in fundraising, safeguarding, and support with DBS checks.

It was really great to meet so many new people, and hear from residents who have lived in Thames for a while. It was also a chance for people working in the area to hear from residents, and for all to be a part of the discussion in an informal way. We ended the evening with some delicious food from a local caterer, which replenished everyone after all of the brainstorming.

The next get together is in December, and it would be great to have you there to share your views on health! Get in touch with you’d like to know more and attend the next one.

We also have some training coming up on Tuesday 26th October, sign up here for an ‘Intro to Public Health’ with Ope from CU London!

Rahela Begum

Health Outreach Worker

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