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The New Model of Care: Wellbeing Navigators Programme

Thames Ward Community Project, and the Public Health and Community Solutions departments within the Council have partnered up to launch the Wellbeing Navigators Programme. The pilot programme hopes to reduce the pressure on the statutory health system (GP surgery, hospitals etc) through early intervention – by getting people active with a healthy social life. We also hope to strengthen the voluntary sector by providing additional sign ups to sports and wellness groups. Thirdly, we aim for the programme to build community. In post-industrial Barking and Dagenham, for a broad range of socio-economic reasons, community, compared to the 1950s and 1960 isn’t what it was. Social prescribing and the New Model of Care is meant to revert to that social cohesion by giving people a reason to meet and improve their health and wellbeing collectively.
The idea was first tested in Torbay before lockdown, and the link to Simon Sherbersky’s talk illustrates the concept well.

For me the importance is that it gives power back to the community and voluntary sector to improve their own community. It's a healthier and more natural way of improving physical health and mental health, that is more congruent with our innate gregarious human nature as well.

How to get involved?

If you are looking at investing some of your time to support others in their wellbeing journey and to get into a health care career, then this role could be for you! 

We are looking for friendly and caring individuals to invest some time in supporting residents of our Thames Ward. You should be confident, enthusiastic, non-judgemental, and capable of interacting with people. The role will help engage with those who are facing challenges in the community and connect them to others and services who are qualified to offer support or advice.

The role is only open to Thames Ward residents due to the community-based nature of the role. We will provide necessary training and a single point of contact for support throughout this role.

If you think you are perfect for this role or want to find out more, please contact: or 

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