Youngest TWCP steering group members wins his first funding bid!

Youngest TWCP steering group members wins his first funding bid!

We are proud to announce that our youngest Steering Group member, 17 year old Barking Riverside resident and artist Emmanuel Oreyeni has just been awarded £1,805 from Barking and Dagenham Renew to continue the online drawing sessions that he started as part of our community response to Covid-19 for the next 6 months.

His ‘Learn to Draw with Emmanuel’ sessions stream LIVE on Zoom, Facebook and, as a result of winning this grant, will soon be streaming on Instagram too.

The funding from Barking and Dagenham Renew will enable Emmanuel to purchase some important equipment to make running the sessions each week easier including tripods for filming, a laptop to be able to communicate with participants and respond to questions as well the obvious paper and pencils. It will also pay for his time each week preparing and running the sessions where he teaches local residents of Thames Ward and the wider Barking and Dagenham community how to draw in order to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, learn a new skill and keep connected to the community.

Well done Emmanuel!!!!

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Sessions take place every Monday at 5pm to catch them LIVE on Zoom, Facebook and Instagram too.

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