TWCP support Barking and Dagenham “Active Through Football” bid

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TWCP support Barking and Dagenham “Active Through Football” bid

What is it?

Active Through Football is an ambitious new programme from Sports England, funded by the National Lottery and delivered by the Football Foundation. Its objective is to increase activity levels in people aged 16+, by running recreational activities shaped by local residents.

The programme could not be more critical for the Thames Ward area. Thames Ward has geographical barriers to exercise, one of the highest rates of unemployment in Barking and Dagenham, and is in great need of social prescribing services.

Football as a sport is a fun way to keep fit, and help individuals become more socially connected. Active Through Football hopes to be a sustainable programme that reinvests into the community, by empowering local people to gain qualifications and employment opportunities as coaches, to run the future delivery of the programme.

Thames Ward Community Project have offered vital support to the programme, which must collaborate with local groups and residents as part of its bid. TWCP would be among other local groups involved in the management and vision of the project within the Thames Ward area.


The London Borough of Barking & Dagenham has been shortlisted to apply to the Football Foundation for “Active Through Football” funding; the bid covers operations in three wards, Thames Ward being one of them.

The application is now in the community engagement phase between now and May 2021 when the bid will be submitted.

Have your say!

There are many ways this programme can be delivered. These include: recreational football, sessions for women, “walking football” and “football for fitness” classes. The structure of the programme is wholly dependant on community feedback and so we need your support to secure the scheme.

You can fill out the online form as an individual or an organisation with thoughts on how the programme could help others in the borough. 

Deadline: Mid-April 2021

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