The Community Resilience Programme

The Community Resilience Programme, in partnership with Aviva, currently works with communities in Thames Ward, Barking London. The project aims to create community-led approaches to reduce the risk of emergencies, and better prepare, respond and recover from crisis. 

Our project aims to increase resilience by engaging local people in emergency preparedness, response and recovery planning in their community of Thames Ward.

The three main goals are: 

  • Engagement: Communities more engaged in emergency preparedness, response and recovery.  
  • Awareness: Stronger awareness of community needs and assets.  
  • Cooperation: Stronger cooperation between local authorities, emergency services and communities. 

Our recent highlights:

In response to a low vaccine take up in the area, we worked with the Council and British Red Cross to host a vaccine pop up in July 2021, which was highly successful. We had a record number of first jabs, the highest of any pop-up in Barking and Dagenham!

A number of events have also been hosted regarding fire safety, which brought together local service providers and residents. They were well attended by local residents, engaging families with local entertainment. and leading them in a guided workshop where residents were invited to share ideas to help create a fire safety action plan for the community.

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