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The Friends & Purpose podcast is a pilot podcast of vox pops, giving residents a stronger voice in addressing health inequalities. A co-production between BD_Collective and Ratio. Lucy Lee, a local resident and Locality Lead at Thames Life, honours the community’s efforts in the cost of living crisis and discovers what people’s passions in life are…will they want to talk to her?

Episode 1: Friends & Purpose

We had this idea to discover more about the people in our community; Lucy asks them who they turned to when times are tough, and what their passion in life is. But will people want to talk?

Episode 2: Friends & Purpose

This episode Lucy speaks to local residents outside the Al Madina Mosque Barking, asking who people turn to when times are tough and what their passion in life is.

Episode 3: Friends & Purpose

This episode Lucy hears more perspectives on our questions; some people turn to themselves, some are silent, others find comfort in family. Listen now to find out more.

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