New Communications and Outreach Officer for TWCP – Zainab Jalloh

New Communications and Outreach Officer for TWCP – Zainab Jalloh


I want to share with you all why 2020 was a year of positive change for me.

Understandably, myself, as I am sure many of us, were grateful to just finally put the last year behind us. It is true, the pandemic and its effect on the world have been devastating. Lives have been lost, livelihoods destroyed, and lockdowns have intensified the cries of the lonely. It has been heartbreaking, but there have also been moments of undeniable goodness.

Last year, I welcomed my son into the world. There is nothing more profound than watching human life persevere against what at that moment is the greatest adversity; grounding your legs with enough strength into the floor and finally being able to stand. 2020, with all its uncertainty, challenged people out of their comfort zone to live more fulfilling lives. Against the darkest backdrop, we learned gratitude, had meaningful conversations, took walks, shared meals, fell in love with learning again, and took a risk on a new start. That’s what happened to me.


Prior to this role, I was working in the legal sector. I hold a Law degree from Greenwich University and have always sought a career that would allow me to advocate for the rights of others. I am skilled in community engagement, communications, and motivating people! I wanted this role as I am incredibly passionate about working alongside local people to create a sustainable community that is accessible to all. As part of TWCP, I would like to ensure that our community has a strong voice and an image that commands attention, creates dialogue, and produces tangible change.

As your Communications and Outreach Officer I will…

  • Help create a strong and cohesive communications framework that best presents our vibrant community.
  • Promote the community voice through high-quality communications, both digital and print, which will be informed by regular community outreach.
  • Ensure that we are all inspired to be proactive and enterprising citizens of our community!

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