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Created by Local People for Local People

Barking Riverside Limited have partnered with TWCP and Social Spider CIC, providing funding to help transform Riverside News into a sustainable resident-led newspaper. The vision is to create a resident editorial board (REB) made up of local people who will lead in the design, production and distribution of this paper. The REB has now been established with currently three local residents; Hafiz Rahman, Venilia Amorim, and Zahra Awani, being trained and supported by Social Spider to produce the quarterly publication. It will continue to share local updates as well as championing resident stories.

We proudly present the Summer 2022 e-copy version of the newspaper below:

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Spring 2022 Issue

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AW 2021 Issue

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Submit contributions for our Autumn Issue (October):
We are inviting local residents and community organisations to contribute to our second issue, which will be published in July. 

Please email us with ideas for articles you would like to write: 

We will discuss your article idea with you before confirming if it is something we’d like to include.  

Here are some ideas for the kinds of articles you might like to write:

  • Features: Between 250 and 500 words focusing on a particular community organisation or project in the local area. Can be written in a more relaxed style, in the first person; discussing how the featured subject was started, who’s involved, and what impact it’s having on the area.
  • Interviews: Up to 500 words focusing on a particular person who has an active role in the community or who has an interesting perspective on a chosen subject relevant to the borough.
  • Comment: Up to 250 words commenting on a subject relevant to the area, and on which you have a unique perspective.
  • Events: Up to 250 words either reviewing or previewing an event taking place in the area. Event organisers are also welcome to write an article about what they are planning.
  • Letters: We welcome letters of up to 200 words on topics relevant to the borough. Please include your name and either your street address, or name of the organisation you are writing on behalf of.

Not all submissions we receive can be included in the paper. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your idea. 

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