Young Citizen Action Group

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The Young Citizen Action Group (or YCAG) is focused on the future, the next generation. It is formed of students from Riverside School who are passionate about making a difference to their local area.

At the start of every school year the Young Citizen Action Group receives community organising training, conducts a listening campaign to find out the local issues that young people want to change most and then focuses on taking action on those issues.

Our recent highlights:

  • YCAG successfully liaised with BRL to ensure bins were installed at the bus stop outside their school and all along the road to tackle littering.
  • YCAG successfully campaigned to be given the keys to a large plot of land next to their school to be used as a community garden.
  • YCAG successfully campaigned for additional buses on the EL1 bus route every hour – worth over £1million.
  • YCAG won the 2019/2020 TELCO Award for Secondary School of the Year for their social action efforts in their community.
  • YCAG recently co-chaired a young people’s assembly attended by Council Leader Darren Rodwell and other major leaders for education, and youth safety

Want to get involved in one of our projects?

Fill in the form below with your details and the name of the project you would like to get involved in. We will be in touch in 3 - 5 working days with more details.

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