Ripple Nature Reserve

Thames Life, Barking and Dagenham Council, Roding Rubbish and a group of volunteers have been working behind the scenes to open the Ripple Nature Reserve to the general public.

The Ripple Nature Reserve is a 10-hectare nature reserve site with two main entrances on Renwick Road and Marine Drive. It boasts a variety of important species including weasels, bats, woodpeckers, silver-trunk birch trees, ponds and a wildflower meadow blooming with colourful flowers in the Summer.

Residents are taking part in a number of activities such as planning meetings and litter-picking events so that we can once again bring the Ripple Nature Reserve back to life and open for all.

Our recent highlights:

The Ripple Nature Reserve Resident group has now formalised committee members and wider steering group roles.

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