Local artist brings virtual Christmas to life for the borough!

Local artist brings virtual Christmas to life for the borough!

Barking and Dagenham Council have asked local artist and TWCP Steering Group member Emmanuel Oreyeni (@Oreyeni_Arts) to produce 16 Christmas-themed landscape drawings for their virtual Christmas event taking place on the 5th December.

This is one of many new opportunities that have come Emmanuel’s way recently to share his talents with the borough following on from his work with TWCP. On Sunday 20th September 2020 Emmanuel created a stunning piece of artwork for the Summer of Festivals ‘One Borough, One Love’ Festival, drawing all of the acts that performed from ‘Beans on Toast’ to Andy Day from CBeebies, he still has people talking about his contribution to this day!

The council just got the go ahead for a virtual Christmas event for children on 5th December from 1.30pm to 5.30pm and wanted to get Emmanuel’s help to create some virtual backgrounds for part of the event that will interact with kids as they put on their detective hats with Mrs Clause and find out “who ate all the cookies?”

“It will be tough to get all of these pieces done in time, but I know that I can do it! I’m really happy to have been asked by the council to do this work because it’s more valuable experience and it means a lot to me that my art will make children happy during a difficult Christmas”  

Emmanuel Oreyeni, Local artist and TWCP Steering Group Member

Will Emmanuel rise to the challenge of getting all of the pieces done in time? To find out more and follow along with his progress follow him on Instagram @Oreyeni_Arts and also check out Summer of Festivals for more info about the event.

Good luck Emmanuel!

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