Local artist brings Christmas to life with BRL

Local artist brings Christmas to life with BRL

After submitting a illustration for the virtual run, TWCP Steering Group member and Barking Riverside resident Emmanuel strikes again with Barking Riverside London to create a illustration that shows the festive cheer of residents in Thames Ward, uniting the community in the lockdown.

On the 17th October, 2020, Emmanuel shot his shot with Barking Riverside London asking them if they wanted an illustration for their virtual run. With speedy delivery as usual, Emmanuel drew an illustration of people running with their masks on, socially distanced. On 23rd November, 2020, BRL contacted him again in collaboration that gave him the opportunity to create a landscape Christmas illustration that was needed ASAP, as always, Emmanuel mustered his festive creativity and painted a moonlight scene with houses on the opposite side of land, the Thames in the middle and families on the shore, looking to the stars with a glimpse of Santa on his slay whizzing past the moon. Not only did he paint the landscape he also filmed a time-lapse of the piece with breath-taking visuals of himself creating the piece, all using his phone!

“I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with BRL, as a young resident it is music to my ears when the youth of Thames Ward who have talent are being represented in the Borough by the same people who decide what goes on in Thames Ward. With this piece I hope to unite the community in truth, solidarity and prayer at Christmas and all year round most and especially help one another in this climate”.

Emmanuel Oreyeni, 18, TWCP Steering Group member and Barking Riverside resident

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