Inside TWCP: Change that Benefits Everyone – Natalie Ogene

Inside TWCP: Change that Benefits Everyone – Natalie Ogene

I moved to Thames View in February 2021 with my daughter whilst we were still in the thick of lock down. Whilst getting to grips with our new local area we did a lot of walking as nothing much was open!

Two of the places that we visited often were the Ripple Greenway and Newlands park – both of which were suffering badly with littering. I initially got in touch with our local Councillor to raise awareness of this particular issue and then looked at what other groups were trying to do to make improvements to our wider area. This is how I initially got involved with TWCP.

I started attending local residents meetings and became involved with some working groups. I’m lucky enough to have a small garden and a balcony and I have started gardening (self taught) and find it very therapeutic. My daughter and I have visited the Barking Food Forest and it’s wonderful to support some of the great local initiatives that are happening in the area. 

I see myself as someone who has benefited from the gentrification that has taken place in the area. That gentrification has brought with it some great things like the Uber boat service, new homes and some really lovely parks etc. I do believe gentrification can be a good thing as long as its benefits are felt by old and new residents of the community. That very much fits in with my vision for Thames View and Barking Riverside – that everyone can feel the benefits of the changes happening in the community!

Natalie Ogene

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