Hey all, I’m Lucy and I’ve been a resident of Thames View for 18 years. I’m a creative at heart with a passion for all things positive that bring people together. I love to sew, paint, dance and play computer games/design using virtual reality.  


I came across Thames Life back in 2018 when it was TWCP and I was introduced to Matt by a local group I was planning to create sewing workshops for. Fast forward 3 years and many sewing sessions later, I began working as a peer researcher with Barking Riverside Limited & The Young Foundation on a project named Thames Futures. Here we spoke with over 140 residents with the aim of ensuring the decision makers delivering the new development, respond to the priorities decided by the residents of Thames Ward.  


After listening to the many views of my neighbours, the itch to become more involved in my community became so much more intense. I joined a local litter picking group, Roding Rubbish, to help with the clean-up of our green spaces and then got involved with the resident-led Ripple Nature Reserve Reach-Out group, where I found myself back in contact with Thames Life, as they are a hugely valued asset of the group. From then on, I was encouraged by both Nia and Matt to go forth and prosper with my passion and opinions about community resilience and civic strengths. As a result I put myself forward as the RNR’s social media manager and was voted in as Vice Chair of the Thames Ward Residence Association (formally Tenants Residence Association). 


As a self-employed small business owner of House Of Loulee, creating African Print children’s clothing, community, in general, was always at the forefront of my mind however I’ve always felt this deep connection to my local community and that I wasn’t doing enough via my business, so when I was approached by Matt to apply for the role of Health Outreach Officer, I jumped at the chance! This would be my opportunity to act on all the research findings and bring my neighbours with me to become a force to be reckoned with. I am a strong believer of strength in numbers, so let us support each other in building community resilience and take actions that will create a community our future generations will be proud to support. 


Lucy Lee  

Health Outreach Officer 


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